09 6 / 2011

Meredith’s farewell: ‘All of you I will put in my heart’


Early yesterday morning in the celebrity world: Meredith Viera, current host of ABC’s Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, has left The Today Show. June 8th was her final broadcast on The Today Show with co-host Matt Lauer.

After five years, genuine compliments from the TODAY family, and a large scale musical production number featuring the entire broadcasted the cast most memorable moments which was an emotional day for Meredith Vieira, as she left her newscaster seat.



Watching this video and seeing this story in the news was touching. Because I remember watching Meredith on the View, Who Want to Be A Millionaire, and The TODAY show. She changed everyone’s life and she has an amazing personality. She also stated what she will miss most, and that would be a “sense of family”. She will always be remembered for everything she has done on the show. Now she in just moving on to the next chapter of her live, and using this time to spend more time with her actual family.