17 6 / 2011


Osama Bin Laden was the greatest enemy of the United States in most people’s eyes of this country. He and his organization vowed to kill millions upon millions of innocent people just to so their views could be supported. Al Qaeda has a twisted and archaic world view that does not fit in this day and age. Killing millions of people will not make people listen to you, it will not make your view popular, and it will not justify your actions. All it will do is make the next generation who survived the terror you spread want to end it and if that means ending you to do it then that will be the outcome. This new leader of Al Qaeda should be very afraid. But if he were smart he’d disband the organization and apologize to the people worldwide his organization has hurt, tortured, maimed, scarred, and murdered.

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10 5 / 2011

     Well actually I should say that they do get credit for the killing and capturing of Osama Bin Laden; bad credit. In the article I read Pakistani officials deny they had any agreement with the U.S. to capture any high level terrorist figures in their country. Yet at the same time they also did not deny at the time he was caught that they had a problem with it.

     I see their statements as just counsel for the millions of Pakistanis that see their government as being inept and inferior when it comes to handling sensitive global matters. If their intelligence agency knew what they were doing they could have caught Osama years ago. This is why so many people doubt Pakistan ability to lead or their words as it almost feels as if they were hiding the information. Though they may deny they had a deal with the U.S. they may also be denying the fact they had a deal with Osama. While the U.S. continues to give them aid to prevent the terrorist threat they can continue to hide the top level terrorist and reap that money for all its worth. Seems like a beneficial economic tactic but a very terrible one morally.

     Pakistan in the end needs to face up to its mistakes and show it has the ability to function as a world power instead of playing “he said, she said” with the media. It just makes their government look like a gossip train that does nothing but play catch up because they have no idea in the first place.

(Source: Yahoo!)